OEM, ODM and Private Label

EA’s goal is to become a full turnkey OEM/ODM supply chain Operation and as such, it now offers additional private label products and services to customers to meet their unique requirements.

The Company offers private label services to customers dedicating major existing facilities to the project, boasting advanced engineering departments capable of providing unique design solutions along with high quality customer care and service.

Full Turn Key Supply Chain Contents and Services:

Our services go well beyond the sales cycle and they include:

  • Product Development and Procurement
  • Engineering – Design and Packaging Services
  • Assembly and Final Product Manufacturing
  • Licensing and Certification
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Service Support and Reverse Logistics
  • Sales Facilities
  • Marketing Facilities
  • Financing and Flooring

Every manufacturer biggest challenge is balancing quality and cost efficiency. Micro sourcing of components is one of EA’s greatest abilities with certified mechanical and electrical engineers capable of developing unbeatable products, unmatched by the competition: products that become our customers’ strength.

EA combines all of Eternal Asia’s business units, merging our private label within every group, ensuring our customers’ competitiveness through its current partners and suppliers.

EA’s manufacturing capacity boasts 1.1 million square feet in manufacturing facilities, more than 11,000 qualified employees and more than 200 combined R&D engineers, designers and specialists.

Well aware that every project is unique, we carefully select and assign the most appropriate resource to each individual product.

Licensing and Certifications:

Private Labeling means meeting a long list of rules and regulations, licenses, certificates, royalty registration, safety certificates and ergonomic control standards.

Eternal Asia is fully set up to provide assistance and completion of all the necessary legal requirements for each product.

The power of our joint expertise is the winning formula to integrate seamless OEM/ODM operations: together can we build a better tomorrow.